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Patrick Lee

CBS news Network
Editor/contributing producer
Patrick Lee has been with CBS News for over a decade. As an award winning producer/editor for CBS News Sunday Morning. In 2011, he joined the editing staff at Sixty Minutes, and continues as a contributing producer for CBS News Sunday Morning. In 2010, he directed a short documentary on Microfinance in Kenya, Africa. Recently, he co-produced a documentary Black Women in Medicine, which is being shown in various film festivals and had been broadcasted on World Channel during the spring of 2017.

In addition to news and documentaries experiences, Patrick has written, directed and produced a half dozen works for the theater. As a playwright, two of Patrick’s short plays were funded by New York's CDC HIV-AIDS Awareness Campaign, and later turned into educational films. Most recently, he has acted as a script consultant for the musical Shanghai Blues, which premiered in China in 2016.

For the Four Seas Players, a New York based community theater group, Patrick has written and directed Xiang, Wash and Fold, Nights Without You, and An Old Lady Who Says She Knows Kung Fu, and most recently A Salute to a Little Boy which was performed in Academy of Performing Arts in Hong Kong this past spring.

He holds a master’s degree from New York Institute of Technology, and is a recipient of two Edward Murrow Awards, an Asian American Journalists Association Award, a Sigma Delta Chi Award and four Emmy Awards, including the 2016 Emmy Award for outstanding editing. He is also a Peabody Award finalist.

Since 2013 Patrick has been involved with Eye on the Future, a CBS News program for mentoring high school students.